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We believe that everyone has the ability to do great things

What we do

We directly help Ukrainians who need it the most. We had been helping the orphanage for a year. Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, we expanded the scope of our activities. Now we help not only children from boarding schools. We support people whose houses were destroyed by russian missiles. We assist children of internally displaced persons (IDP) and low-income families who are in a real predicament. Our goal is to give people a chance for a better future.

Our values

Faith in people

We strive to give everyone a chance for change and development

We believe in the synergistic effect of efforts

We know that many small efforts can have a big impact on someone's life


We really do care. We do everything we can to change someone's life

Our values

Do your part

Even a small contribution from many people can change someone’s life. The collected funds will be directed to the development of children who grow up without parents, as well as to the restoration of the Ukrainians’ homes damaged by the war.

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