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The story of lady Olha

The village of Motyzhyn in the Kyiv region was one of the first places invaded by Russian occupants at the very beginning of the full-scale war. Russians spent there more than a month, massively attacking the houses. Thus, lots of civilians had to hide in the basements.

In the first days of the war, lady Olha's house was hit by a shell. Only the shed and the cookhouse remained undamaged, and that's where the old lady lives now. Her only relatives are her granddaughter and great-grandchild. The granddaughter's husband is in the East of the country, fighting in the Ukrainian Army.

We decided to turn the cookhouse into a full-fledged home. For that purpose, we brought everything necessary for living: kitchenware, clothes, footwear, bedclothes, throw blankets, a Wi-Fi router, and firewood. Also, we organized fundraising, found constructors, and purchased building materials.

Before winter months started, we had insulated the walls against the cold and installed a solid front door so that the wooden hut became a warm and cozy home for Mrs. Olha.

We are going to keep rebuilding and insulating houses in the Kyiv region that suffered from Russian aggression. We are doing our best so that people can live in their cozy homes as soon as possible.

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