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Fundraising for a house in motyzhyn to be rebuilt is open

This time «Chance to Change» foundation is in Motyzhyn, a village in the Kyiv region. Here, we have paid a visit to the family of Bashynskyy. Motyzhyn had been under Russian occupation for more than 2 months. Ivan (81 y.o.) and Jane (80 y.o.) had been hiding from shelling in the cellar for 34 days.

Their house burst into flames after the shell hit. The spouse barely managed to get out of the building when it collapsed. Their whole life was left under the ruins.

This old couple has nowhere to go. Meanwhile, winter is coming.

Our team has decided to help the family. Here is our plan. There was a little building near the destroyed house. There are only the walls left of this building now. We aim to rebuild it as soon as possible and turn it into a full-fledged warm home.

To implement the project, we need to raise $6500. That will be enough to buy building materials, lay the house foundation, and install the flooring, and energy-efficient windows. Also, we will be able to buy an electric cooker and build the roof.

Help Jane and Ivan to get through the winter! To donate, follow the link:

Let’s give the two elderly people a chance of having the comfortable life they deserve!

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