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Our programs

Our charitable foundation helps children from the orphanage in Stara Basana and social centers in Kyiv. We help kids to develop their talents, broaden their horizons, work with their emotional intelligence and support them on their way to realizing their most cherished dreams!


Primary Psychological Education

To teach adolescents to manage their emotions and express them correctly, overcome their fears, establish personal boundaries, engage in self-reflection, transform dreams into goals, accept their bodies and boost their self-esteem, confidently engage with society, handle ecological conflicts, understand what separation is and how it occurs, choose a job that will provide income and benefit both the child and society.

Stara Basan

The goal of supporting the orphanage is to develop the potential of each child and give them a chance to enter a classroom education! We not only provide the necessary things and gifts, but also work with the children every week and pass on knowledge and skills for the future.

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The main goal of the program is to help a child grow into a strong, independent and confident person. The mentor becomes a reliable role model who teaches the child valuable life skills, promotes their development, and supports them in the process of problem solving and decision making.

12-step program by psychologist Natalia Valitskaya

The psychologist developed the Evolution School program, which aims to improve various skills in children of all ages, including those in difficult life circumstances. The program provides an opportunity to develop children's physical, emotional, mental, and ideological intelligence.


Do your part

Even a small contribution from many people can change someone’s life. The collected funds will be directed to the development of children who grow up without parents, as well as to the restoration of the Ukrainians’ homes damaged by the war.

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