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Assisting kids from orphanages — one of the main activities of the “Chance to Change” foundation. Every teenager we are supporting is unique and has a talent. Our goal is to light their inner fire, help them discover their abilities and give them a chance to realize their potential.

We’d like to introduce to you the ambassador of the ‘Chance to Change' foundation — our Dalida. She is smart, beautiful and incredibly purposeful. The girl’s dream is to help people, extend their lives and make the world better.

The girl is from a large family. For some time she was raised in the boarding school at Stara Basan, the village in Chernihiv region. She is 15 years old and she has a strong desire to become a doctor and to save people. We helped her to take important steps to make her dream come true. We found cool teachers. They helped to improve school knowledge and prepared Dalida for entering exams. This summer the girl entered the Ukrainian medical lyceum at Bogomolets National Medical University in Kyiv.

The story about Dalida is an inspiring example for our little ones. An example that there is always a chance to change your life for the better. The main thing — not to be afraid of changes and believe in yourself.

We promise, there are a lot of interesting and inspiring stories ahead!

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