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Welcome our psychologist Maya

Hi! My name is Maya. According to the horoscope, I am Aquarius. I am a freedom-loving explorer, charming, charismatic, extraordinary, inventive and unpredictable.

As long as I can remember, I have always been inspired and liked to help people. As a result, I am a psychiatrist. I didn’t have the opportunity to prove myself fully in the hospitals. That’s why I was looking for something bigger. And I found it. I joined the cool team. We match greatly. And we have cool projects that I have long dreamed of.

I love to cooperate with teenagers. And they reciprocate. In the Foundation, I take care of the kids deprived of parental warmth. I provide them with psychological support and organize developmental events. Also, I assist families in difficult life circumstances. I accompany them on their way to well-being, literally by the hand.

There are many directions that I want, and I will develop. Such as the organization of charity parties and exhibitions.

After a year, I see a well-established process of our good deeds. I see changes in the lives of kids and families. I see smiles and warmth.

And I see a very ambitious goal to achieve — a modern rehabilitation center for those who need a chance for change.

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