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Older people returning to their home

Surviving occupation is scary.

BBut when your home is destroyed and there is nowhere to return to, it's even scarier.

This is what happened to a lonely pensioner couple from Gorenka in the Kyiv region. The couple has no children or grandchildren. They have only one nephew. Periodically he bought food and medicine for them.

After the occupation and the russian shelling, their house was in a terrible condition. The windows were broken — inside the house there was glass all around, the fence was smashed. And there was a lot of garbage inside the house. It was impossible to live there.

The couple had to move to a nursing home in Zakarpattia. There, however, they were told that they would not be able to receive a long-term shelter. We decided to help them to return home.

It took us just one day to clean the whole house, replace the windows, fix the fence and clean up the yard.Only one day was needed to restore home, to give the people an opportunity to live in their own home again.

That's the kind of story our foundation is for.

To give people their lives back.

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