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Making Children's Wishes Come True

We strive to develop abilities of every child we help. Our main philosophy is to give a fishing rod, not a fish.

That’s why, in addition to gifts, clothes and other necessary things, we bring children stuff for their personal development and hobbies.

It happened this time as well.

We asked the children what they want to be.

One boy wanted to work as a hairstylist. We inspired him and pushed the idea of opening his own barbershop. Another boy dreamed of being an artist. But he was not good at drawing or even coloring :) Someone wanted to write books.

During the next visit, we gave the children a young barber kit, paint by numbers and a romance novel. We also brought a lot of other cool things to develop the skills and make their little dreams come true.

Giving children the opportunity to develop is much easier than it seems. You just have to talk to them. And hear what they say.

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