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How we changed the windows and repaired the roof for an elderly lady

Russian missiles destroyed a huge number of houses in the Kyiv region. One of them was the house of Lyubov Mykolayivna, an elderly woman. She lives alone with her little funny dog.

The missile hit the roof of her house. Half of the roof and the wall on the second floor were destroyed. The windows were blown out by the shock wave.

Our foundation decided to help Lyubov Mykolayivna. We replaced all of the windows and built a new brick wall. Also the roof was completely covered in all damaged parts.

Lyubov Mykolayivna was incredibly happy and grateful. Finally, it was possible to live in the house again. And thanks to the new high-quality windows, it became warmer than before.

As a token of appreciation, she gave us a whole box of huge strawberries. Although just her happy smile would be enough.

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