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Children had been living under occupation for a month

We help children from orphanages and those who were forced to leave their hometowns with parents and were left with nothing.

We found out that four adults and seven children needed help. They fled from shelling from the Sumy region.

We had to collect money and clothes, especially for the children who didn't even have clothes to change into. And they had to sleep on boards.

We decided to talk to the family to see what we could do. Children slept directly on the boards and blankets? So we bought a sofa bed and two bunk beds.

In a week, the furniture was delivered. We also gathered basic things and clothes to make the children’s life comfortable and cozy.

The children were very happy! They helped to unload the car. And when we assembled the beds, they went straight to the second tier.

The children’s joy knew no bounds, just like ours. In such wonderful moments, we understand that our foundation is desperately needed. It really helps those who need it the most.

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