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Career guidance for the teenagers

The preparation of teenagers for adulthood is one of the activities of the Foundation. We help kids to find a business that would show their talents and give them the strength to overcome life's difficulties. This is the start of the project «I wanna».

We invited our kids from the boarding school, which is in Stara Basan, for professional testing to determine their abilities. The kids wrote down their cherished dreams and plans for the future in questionnaires. Someone decided without any hesitation, someone had to think a lot.

Dalida, 15-years-old ambassador of the Chance for Change Foundation, has firmly decided to become a surgeon. 14-year-old Natalia wishes to become a child psychologist. Oleksiy wants to study some technical specialty in Kyiv.

Girls and boys have passed the test to identify their strengths and talents. It was not easy, but they did it.

The test helped to determine the list of professions that are suitable for kids. It also helped to reveal weak sides, namely the low level of digital security and informational well-being. Now we have to improve it with the help of our psychologist Maya.

We are going to continue to work on career guidance for the teenagers. We are sure, every child has a chance for a better future. We are happy to help.

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