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Primary Psychological Education

Program Objectives


To teach adolescents to manage their emotions and express them correctly, overcome their fears, establish personal boundaries, engage in self-reflection, transform dreams into goals, accept their bodies and boost their self-esteem, confidently engage with society, handle ecological conflicts, understand what separation is and how it occurs, choose a job that will provide income and benefit both the child and society.

Issues Addressed by the Program


  • Issue 1: Inability to recognize one's emotions and cope with them ecologically. This can manifest as being stuck in a particular fear, such as public speaking, or episodes of uncontrolled aggression during interactions with people.


  • Issue 2: Lack of support and self-belief. As a result, the child suffers from a lack of understanding of their own worth and individuality. They fail to develop their talents and strengths.


  • Issue 3: Difficulties in communication with peers and society. Consequently, feelings of oppression and abandonment arise, leading to the emergence of depressive states.


What's Included in the Children's Psychological Support Program?


  • 31 weeks of practice

  • 31 lectures

  • 12 creative masterclasses and career guidance sessions

  • 30 interactive workbooks

  • Over 900 meals

  • Over 30 materials for practical assignments

Program Authors:

  • Natalia Valitska - program author, lead psychologist;

  • Maya Chizhevska - psychiatrist, co-author of the program;

  • Halyna Bevz - professor, doctor of psychological sciences.

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