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Report for March

Stara Basan


  1. Conducted 4 English classes for children in Stara Basan

  2. Finished work on a shelter for children 

  3. Bought a battery for the school bus so that children can go wherever they need to go

  4. We organized a Harry Potter party. We watched the first part and distributed the second part to the children in books. Thanks to such interactive activities, children earn their chances with knowledge


Children from the social center

  1. We have launched a 12-week program of body-oriented therapy for children from social centers in Kyiv.




  1. "The Eurocarpathian Initiative together with the Chance for Change Charitable Foundation donated a generator to the orphanage

  2. And the month ended with dancing. Together with the children, we took part in a ball organized by our partners, the NGO "League of Life". We danced together with the famous choreographer Max Leonov on the stage

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