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Report for April

Raised 605 thousand UAH

Stara Basan


  1. We visited the children of the orphanage in Stara Basan with our German volunteer friends. Werner and Eugen brought a lot of sweets for the children and had a great time with them, talking about various topics!

  2. The month was full of meetings for the children at the boarding school. A lecture about the profession of a marketer was given by Vera, a volunteer of our foundation.

  3. We continue to develop children and teach them foreign languages! At the last lessons they showed excellent results and learned many new words and phrases.

  4. The children from Stara Basana are part of the friendly community of the Chance for Change Foundation. We gave them nice hoodies to make them feel our support and warmth.


Children from the social center 

  1. We continue our 12-week program for children together with a psychologist. As part of the modules, we worked on developing the ability to enjoy the little things, improving leadership skills and the ability to imitate others.

  2. We held a T-shirt painting workshop for teenagers in cooperation with the Craftoroom art studio. Creativity motivates, inspires and rehabilitates!




  1. We joined the Mentoring Association. Our goal is to support Ukrainian children in their development and becoming successful members of society through a trusting relationship with their mentor - a caring adult.

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