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Happy graduation day

Graduation from high school is a very exciting event that happens once in a lifetime. The event becomes even more exciting when you graduate not just from school, but from the orphanage. A place which has been your home for so long.

We decided to arrange a great celebration for our our children. We wanted to give them a party that they will remember for the rest of their lives. The party that will inspire and give happy emotions.

We gave children new clothes for the first days of their studies at colleges and universities. So they were ready to start their adult independent lives. Before the celebration, we arranged with the director an idea to give the kids an opportunity to decorate everything themselves. We also helped them with the preparation of the festive table. And it turned out, by the way, very cool!

We took a lot of cool photos and videos with the children during the celebration. Everyone got a graduation photo book to remember this happy day.

We support our children not only during their life at the orphanage, but also after graduation. We help them to enter higher education institutions.

Thanks to the foundation’s help, children feel they are not alone in this world.

They always have us.

No matter what happens, they always have us.

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