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12-step program by psychologist Natalia Valitskaya

Program objective


Psychologist Natalia Valitskaya has developed the Evolution School program, which aims to improve various skills in children of all ages, including those in difficult life circumstances. The program provides an opportunity to develop children's physical, emotional, mental and ideological intelligence. It also helps children understand that any quality can be trained just like muscles.


Brief description of the program


As part of this psychological program, a comprehensive work is carried out with four types of human intelligence: bodily, emotional, mental and ideological.


  • Body intelligence encompasses the ability to understand and use physical experience to solve problems and achieve goals.

The development of this type of intelligence is useful for improving the performance of physical tasks that require coordination of movements and cooperation with other people. A child's bodily intelligence begins to form from birth, and in kindergarten it develops in conjunction with emotional intelligence. Children learn to recognize and express their emotions safely.

  • Mental intelligence includes understanding of cause and effect relationships and mastery of skills. By working with mental intelligence, we teach children to convey information step by step without emotion, to be a moderator and leader, and to control the result.


In high school, ideological intelligence is actively developed, which forms beliefs, principles and boundaries that determine our behavior. Proper education of children is important for creating a future where people understand and accept the laws and boundaries set by ideology.

There are three program modules for working with each type of intelligence, some of which can combine work with several types of intelligence, such as mental and ideological.


Description of 12 modules


Body intelligence

The "Jellyfish" module focuses on teaching children how to relax and recover. In this module, children learn to move freely and trust the space around them.

The "Fish" module focuses on developing motor intelligence and giving children permission to move. During the sessions, we observe children as they interact with their bodies and with other people, and help them understand what factors may be blocking their movements.

The "Lizard" module teaches children how to cope with physical and mental stress and find the best ways to recover. We help children understand that in difficult situations that require more effort than usual, it is important not to feel sorry for themselves, but to find the strength to win.

Emotional intelligence

The "Mouse" module teaches children to enjoy the little things and see them as valuable. This helps children find the power of reco

The "Tiger" module focuses on developing leadership skills and asserting oneself. We also teach how to support a child who shows lea

The "Monkey" module is dedicated to the ability to copy and imitate. Copying is an important element of rapid learning. The child learns to copy the movements, facial expressions, and emotions of other people. This helps to create plasticity of the psyche and avoid failures. Children learn to play different roles, which helps develop their acting skills.

Mental intelligence

In the "Ritual Human" module, children learn about different rituals and learn to create their own. They create rituals for waking up and falling asleep, learn rituals related to romantic relationships and etiquette, and learn to create generally accepted rules of behavior in society.

The "Technology" module includes the study of algorithms and technologies for creating various things. Each child has the opportunity to become a teacher of a particular technology to better understand its techniques.


In the "Team" module, children learn to work in teams and negotiate with each other. They develop skills of cooperation, listening to others, and interaction, which allows them to create a variety of things that are impossible to create alone.

Ideological and mental intelligence

The "Romance" module teaches children to feel romance, to believe in great things, love, and that they are special. Children also learn to see beauty and create aesthetics.

The "Ideology" module helps children understand how countries with different ideologies are created. Throughout the module, they explore democracy and monarchy and create their own ideal country.

The module "Death" teaches the correct attitude to the phenomenon of death. Children learn to let go of the past and see every ending as a new opportunity. Children can revisit events in their lives and change their attitude to what has passed.

Results. What kind of children will come after it, what will change for them


As a result of participating in the program, children become more open in expressing their emotions and learn to make the best use of their intellectual abilities. This has a positive impact on their personal development and interaction with the world.

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